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Revised Edition

Revised Edition is a product photography service from concept design to styling, cooking, cocktail making and of course photography. Nikki, the founder and creative mind behind it all, provides her service for people and brands internationally all whilst based in Wellington, New Zealand

The Challenge

Nikki came to us for a refresh of her existing website, wanting something that was bright and vibrant that really made her beautiful photography stand out.

The Solution

With bright pinks, bold reds and stylistic animated transitions, we definitely met the vibrant refresh Nikki was looking for. It was important, to not only create a website that better aligned with her brand, but to also make it easier for Nikki to update her website as she had experienced frustrations in the past. We always make sure our client’s CMS is simple and hassle free, which ensured Nikki can jump in and add new galleries or blogs whenever she likes!

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