g e t t i n    j i g g y    w i t    i t . . . .

Knead Bakery

Erin, who originally started her business selling at the local markets came to us as her business started to take off as a full catering Bakery.

Erin, whilst generally happy with her existing logo, wanted something a little bit more professional before getting signwriting done at her new commercial kitchen.

Then Erin came to us to create a website for delivery orders which began to sell out every week around the Taranaki region.

Since, Knead has grown like crazy since then to the point she now has a shop locally with 5 employees and continues to sell out every day she is open! As she grows we’ve helped her with everything she needs to support her crazy business growth and we’ve had fun along the way.

It’s been so exciting watching where she has got to and we look forward to see what else will come in the future!