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We do such a variety of things it's hard to put them all into packages! We've done our best below with some of our most common services. If your requirements aren't covered below, feel free to get in touch with us for a proposal.

Social Media & Content Creation

Social Media DIY Package

Sometimes you just need the right tools to get you started! This package includes

  • 7 Canva Templates for you to use time and again for your posts
  • 3 Canva Templates for your Instagram stories
  • 7 Highlight Icons
  • List of suggested hashtags

starting from $425+gst

Social Media Content Creation

Content created with your existing photography & assets.

  • Content Creation for 3 Posts per week
  • A variety of post types to engage your audience
  • Engaging Captions
  • Any required graphic design (for quotes/small illustrations etc)
  • All scheduled for you after your approval

All content will be created before the start of each month.

from $425+gst per month

Product Photography Content

We can photograph your product in a variety of layouts for your social accounts and website.

This will give you content for anywhere between 3 to 5 months if mixed with other assets on your social media.

Simply send us your product and we will return it via courier once we have finished.

Starting from $585+gst for 35 photos (+p&p)

Social Media Deluxe

This is the full social media package for growing your account. We cover:

  • All your content creation (3 posts per week) with your existing assets
  • Any graphic design required (quotes/illustrations etc)
  • Manage any messages for you
  • Interact and help grow your account
  • Guidance on stories (ideas and a plan of what to post)

This can be paired with the "Product Photography Content" package for the ultimate solution to your social media needs.

$675+gst per month


Facebook & Instagram Campaigns

To create 3 engaging adverts for separate target audiences on facebook.

from $475+gst (+ advertising spend)

Google Ads Campaigns

Let us create ads to put you at the top of google! Help your audience choose you over your competitors.

We create multiple campaigns made up of multiple ads for A/B Testing, ensuring we are always strengthening your ads to help increase your conversions.

from $375+gst initial set up + $375+gst per month for management and reporting (+ advertising spend)

Mailchimp Automation Campaign

Approximately only 3% of your potential customers are ready to buy the solution to their problem. However this leaves a whopping 97% that are not in this category!

Don't neglect these still very valuable customers, instead nurture them so they learn who you are, the meaning behind your brand and the love story of your business, so they too become a ready-to-buy life long customer!

We structure a plan to send out automated emails to introduce them slowly to your products/services, who you are as a company, your core values & why they should choose you over your competitors.

Starting from $600+gst

Remarketing Advertising Campaign

We can help you set up and track your audience, catering ads based on what they have viewed on your website. This way you are targeting people who have already showed interest in your product or service and are more likely to convert.

This can be something you just set up once with limited advertising spend, but that can make a huge difference on the amount of orders that start coming through.

Only about 3% of your audience are likely to be hot and ready to buy from you, others need to get to know you first and trust what you are offering. On average people need to see your brand 7 times before making a purchase!

Starting from $400+gst (+ advertising spend)

Content Landing Page

We can help you form a landing page to better help capture your advertising audience and convert more of your website traffic.

Starting from $375+gst

Graphic Design & Brand

Brand Creation

To create a brand for your business. This includes a full brand guide outlining your fonts, varieties of your brand and any pairing elements such as patterns

We start with a mood board and then present you with 3 different brand concepts to begin with, from here we make changes until you are in love with the final result.

Priced based on your unique requirements. Contact us

Mailchimp DIY Template Design

To create a full designed template in Canva that you can edit and pull into Mailchimp for a professional designed email campaign everytime!

Have a template ready for every sale, new product/service announcement, introducing team members, anything!

Starting from $425+gst each

Business Cards

To design eye-catching business cards for your business based on your branding.

Starting from $255+gst (excludes printing cost)

Web Design

Bespoke Website Design

Your website is your foundation of everything. All your digital marketing spend is thrown away if your website isn't in a state to convert your customers.

Let us create a bespoke website that is made purposely to guide your audience through a journey, forming trust and connections before leading the path to become a customer. We work with you to understand your business, your target audience and create the best usability experience for your brand.

We price each website based on their unique requirements. Contact us for a free quote.