g e t t i n    j i g g y    w i t    i t . . . .

Getting through any quiet days of business

Toilet paper memes aside, this is a nervous time for a lot of businesses. We all just feel a little bit anxious as we watch what is going on around the world.

So, aside from staying home and washing our hands, what else can we do if business gets a bit quieter than usual?

We’ve put together a list of ways to pass the days, distract you from the anxiety of the media and set you up strong for when this all passes.

Up skill for your business

How often do you have time to really learn something new?

You might already have a list of skills related to your business that you’ve always wanted to learn, but if not, how about gaining a bit of knowledge about marketing your business? Take a course in Google Ads, Facebook Advertising or how to write effective copy to make an impact online.

Some great sources i’ve used in the past are https://www.lynda.com/ and https://www.skillshare.com/

Finally complete that list of tasks you’ve been putting off

You may be more organised than me, but i’ve got a large list of non-urgent tasks that have been sitting on my desk for a good few months now…

Hmm… that doesn’t sound like much fun though does it?

That’s why when i’ve got a list of mundane tasks to get through, I treat myself like a 4 year old child and use the bribery tactic. Give yourself a little reward for each few tasks you get done and at the end imagine how good you’ll feel when all your tasks are done and your sticker chart is full!

Go over your day-to-day processes, is there anything you could change to save yourself time?

Take a step back for a minute and look over the tasks you do frequently. What could you do to speed these up each day?

Are you spending time answering a lot of questions every day?
Perhaps add an FAQ page to your website.

Are you spending a lot of time on quotes?
Can you template parts to use again and again.

Is there a task you hate doing that you could affordably outsource?

Can you move some of your business online?

While less people are leaving the house, more people will be purchasing online.

Whether you are a product or service based business, have a think about if you might be able to adapt to this.

For product based businesses, perhaps it’s time to invest in an e-commerce website or you can even sell your products simply on your social media account(s). If you are a food based business can you join your local Uber Eats or Deliver Easy?

For service based industries, if you are in an area of consulting, such as a personal trainer or a business coach, have you thought about offering online training or even recording a series of video workshops you can sell?

Create a backlog of content

Creating content each week for instagram, facebook and email newsletters can be time consuming. Spend some time now and create a backlog of content ready for those weeks where you are busy.

Get Networking

How do you network when so many events are being cancelled?

Jump online.

There are so many great supportive business networking groups on facebook in every industry! Start making some new connections and potentially new clients.

Another good way to network is to start exploring and engaging with people more on instagram. Make some new digital friends for both business purposes, but also to keep up some real-world contact to avoid going insane.

Give your business some TLC

When was the last time you read over the copy on your website? Is it still relevant?

Could your logo use a bit of a refresh?

Are there new products or services you’ve been thinking of introducing?

This could be the time to give your business a little bit of an overhaul to step it up that extra notch.

We send our love to all the New Zealand businesses that are battling with the worry of what the upcoming months will look like. If you need to chat we are here. We are all in this together and we will pull through.