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Freebie – Brand Voice Worksheet

Your brand voice is what shapes your business persona, essentially the “personality” of your business. This should be consistent from the way your staff communicate with your clients, your copy on social media, wording on your website and your marketing material.

We’ve put together a small freebie to help define the personality and voice of your business.

Why is brand voice important?

Your brand voice allows you do be recognisable and build trust and loyalty with your customer base. It encourages a personal connection with your business.

How do I determine what my brand voice is?

Your brand voice should be based on your brands core values, your business point of difference (what it does for it’s customers that keeps them coming back again and again) and also what tone of voice your audience connects with based on your knowledge of your target market.

Alright, enough chit chat, show us the download!

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