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Are You Ready For Black Friday?

So, Black Friday is on November 26th and can be a crazy time for businesses (especially those in retail).

If you want your business to be involved and you’re not prepared, you need to get on to it stat! Sit back, we’ve got some tips to help you get started.

What Does Your Offer Look Like?

First things first, you need to decide what your Black Friday offer is. Think carefully, there are many offers you could implement, but it needs to be realistic for you and your business.

Although I’m sure your customers would love a BOGO offer (buy one get one), is that realistic based on your product or service mark-up?

There are plenty of other offers that you can consider to still bring in orders. For example, have you got some lower value merchandise that you need to shift? Why not give this away when customers spend over a certain amount online?

Perhaps you want visitors to return again soon? Why not offer a $20 gift voucher with every $100 spent.

Spend a little time doing some research on what your competitors did last year before deciding on what is right for you and your business.

Start Building Anticipation

Black Friday isn’t just about the day, it’s all about the lead up. But how do you go about building anticipation online?

It’s all about the FOMO

If you have limited stock of selected items – let your audience know this. Reiterate that if they don’t get in quick they might miss out!

Are you pretty well stocked on everything? That’s okay, you can still build FOMO around the fact that it is one day only, or that it’s your biggest sale of the year.

Sneak Peaks on Your Social Stories

Showing behind the scenes of you getting ready of the big event and snippets of what might be in the promo is an excellent way to build excitement with your audience, especially if they spot something they are interested in purchasing!


Don’t get spammy with it, but sending an email or two in the lead up (with a snippet of the deals) is vital for making your audience schedule you into their calendar. Don’t forget to send something out the morning of Black Friday too!

Update Your Website

Make sure everyone that visits your website knows you will be participating in Black Friday. This might be by using a countdown banner ticking down to the big day.

Make sure you have scheduled the website updates with new banners and all deals to be active at 12am the morning of (for those extra excited shoppers!)

Don’t forget Cyber Monday

Following Black Friday is Cyber Monday. You can either run specials over the full 4 days, or if you can, it’s better to create a new special deal for Monday (again following all the rules of anticipation and newsletters above)

Veto The Entire Day Entirely

Think about it, is Black Friday the right fit for your business? Perhaps your business point of difference is that it’s exceptional quality and it doesn’t conform to the sales marketing model, or perhaps your items are handmade and you don’t have a large markup?

Then VETO Black Friday. But don’t do it silently.

Instead, why not post about why you aren’t doing Black Friday – Say that you already offer your products at the best price for your customers and that you believe in looking after them all year round and not just on Black Friday.

An example of a big player that recently opted out of Black Friday is ModCloth a huge American Clothing Label.

ModCloth in 2017 blacked out – completely. Not only did they not participate, they actually closed all their stores for the day (including the webstore) and instead donated $5 Million worth of merchandise to Dress For Success, an organisation that provides professional attire and development for women in need.
(Info Source: https://www.bustle.com/p/why-isnt-modcloth-having-a-black-friday-sale-the-retailer-is-putting-feels-before-steals-5518052)