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Automated Email Campaign Ideas To Increase Sales

As we all know time is money, so any way to save time and still earn $$ is something we are all very interested in.

We’ve got 8 automated email ideas you can put in place straight away to stop spending so much time nurturing leads still grow your audience and/or sales (sounds too good to be true right?!)

Email Series

You can set up a whole series of scheduled emails to go out on a regular basis over a set period of time i.e once a week for ten weeks.

How do you use this to help your business? Here are two examples where this might come in handy:

Example 1

You own a business selling health based products/services and decide you want to grow your email list.

To do so why not offer a free 10 week challenge programme, tackling a new healthy habit each week. It is just a case of setting this up once and leaving it ticking in the background. Subscribers can sign up and start the weekly challenge subscription any time they like.

Example 2

You are a nutritionist looking to expand by creating a package of your knowledge & expertise delivered as an automated online course.

Your customers can purchase this programme, which you can then utilise automated emails to send the curriculum out each week.

Welcome Emails

Make your subscribers excited to be part of your exclusive VIP newsletter audience.

Send out personalised emails using their name, an approachable welcome aboard message and perhaps even give them a special discount to make them feel really loved and encouraged to make that first purchase!

Emails Based on Purchase History

You can set up automatic emails to go out after your customers have purchased a certain product or purchased from a certain product category.

But what should your email contain? Here are two examples of campaigns you might create based around a previous order:

Example 1

Your customer recently purchased a pair of womens shoes, she is much more likely to engage with newsletters showcasing womens clothing than she is mens trousers.

Example 2

You are a photographer and recently had a client purchase a Newborn Session with you. Why not set up automated emails to send one year later advertising your First Birthday Cake Smash package.

Reminder Emails

If you are a business with a product that your customers come back to enjoy again and again, why not help assist this process?

How about sending a friendly reminder when they are due to run low, so they don’t have to spend a single day without your fabulous product!

Asking for Customer Reviews

After a customer has purchased your product or service online, trigger an email to send out automatically to them asking to submit a review of how much they love it!

Either utilise your own online review system or request they use Facebook or Google reviews.

New Blog Posts Alerts

Blogs can take a lot of time and effort, so why spend extra time fluffing around with a newsletter when that could be automated? Put the right tools in place to send out your blogs as you publish them!

Birthday Emails

Make your customers feel extra special by sending them a greeting on their birthday. Throw in a discount code or an added freebie to encourage them to place an order through your website.

Customer Emails

New Customers

Say THANKS to your new customers by sending them an email after their first purchase.

Why not offer a discount code such as free shipping to encourage shopping with you again ASAP!

Loyal customers

Don’t just look after your new customers – your loyal long term customers need some loving too!

Why not send them them an anniversary email with a discount code after being a customer with you for a year/2 years/3 years to say a BIG THANKS!

Ready To Get Started?

There are so many possibilities and which ones to choose will depend on your business model.

If you need a hand, feel free to contact us to have a chat over coffee or zoom.