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3 Youtube Videos To Inspire you for 2020

I’ve been beginning most mornings with an inspirational video over on youtube. I thought I’d share with you the three I’ve found the most interesting over the last couple of weeks.

Tony Robbins

Would it even be a list of inspiring videos without this fella? Though I have no intention of working until quite 2 am every morning – I still found this talk very valuable, especially in preparation of setting goals in 2020.

The Futur

I regularly tune in to the videos produced by The Futur and I found this one very valuable on how to best use every minute of the day (and reduce that scary number of how much time you average on social media per day).

Simon Sinek

I’m probably a bit behind with not having watched this video, considering it’s the third most-watched Ted Talk and was done in 2014…. But if you’ve also been living under a rock and haven’t watched this either it’s still very relevant for 2020!